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VE2CRA: VHF and UHF repeaters now linked.

We have recently made changes to VE2CRA, the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club's local 2m and 70cm repeaters. These repeaters are now linked so that all voice traffic on one will appear on the other. However note that IRLP traffic is still limited to the VHF repeater. The main reason for the change is to provide some diversity for VE2CRA users. If you find that you are having trouble accessing one of the two repeaters, you now have the option of trying the other.Please contact any of the members of the repeater committee if you have any questions or comments.VE2CRA:146.940- T100 Hz,443.300+ T100 Hz.

Photos Portable Station Demonstration 2015

Photos from the 2015 Portable Station Demo

Portable Station Demonstration

If you attended any of the last few OARC meetings you may have heard discussions concerning the planned portable station demonstration. Well we’re good to go! Here are all the details: Date: Saturday September 19, 2015 (this Saturday) Time: set-up 9:00 am; station demonstrations: 10:00 am to noon; tear down: noon to 1 pm Place: Gazebo area of Andrew Haydon Park (Note: We were there two years ago, it’s a nice location)

Hamfest 2015 photos

Hamfest 2015 photos

Next OARC Meeting December 13, 2017 at 7:30pm Holiday Party Night in the Colonel By Room at Ottawa City Hall

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