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It's Trivia Nite at next meeting

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - It's Trivia Nite at our December 11, 2013 meeting In what is now an annual tradition for the December meeting, Trivia Night will be held on December 11 and just the way you like it - loud and crazy. So form your teams, and make a noisemaker! For the benefit of new members, this means that, instead of listening to a speaker, you will be challenged to answer a broad range of questions related to Amateur Radio, a la Reach for the Top. As per usual, you can either play individually, or else form teams of any manageable size (max 4 players). Don't forget to come up with a goofy radio-related name for your team (how about "One Antenna with Three Radials"?). Prizes will be given to teams who answer the most questions correctly and to runners-up. Each individual or team will need to bring a noisemaker of some kind, in order to signal the moderator when you have a right answer. Your noisemaker could be as primitive as a boy scout whistle or as complex as a buzzer circuit. The more homebrew it is, the better; that way you can enter it in the mini homebrew contest afterwards. If you forget your noisemaker, don't worry, one will be provided.The evening promises to be great fun as always. Janice Neelands, VA3PAX

OARC Portable Station Demo 2013

OARC Portable station Demo September 14 2013

OARC Hamfest 2013 photos

OARC Hamfest 2013 photos

Portable station Demo Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back by popular demand is the portable station demo where Ottawa area amateurs have the opportunity to show off their portable stations in a relaxed and pleasant setting. Scheduled for Saturday, September 14 between 10 am and noon in the Gazebo area of Andrew Haydon Park, you are welcome to come out, admire the handiwork of other amateurs as they operate their portable stations. You are more than welcome to take the key, microphone or keyboard and add a "new one" to your list of contacts. Perhaps you have a portable station of your own and would like to gain prestige points and admiration of visitors and OARC Members alike. You are therefore more than welcome to grab one of the many picnic tables that are available and operate your own station. Set up will begin at 9 am. Greg/VE3YTZ

Next OARC Meeting December 13, 2017 at 7:30pm Holiday Party Night in the Colonel By Room at Ottawa City Hall