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Our thanks to ICOM Canada for its spport of the OARC Hamfest

OARC Hamfest Coming Soon

Field Day Site: Corkery!

A quick note to say due to popular demand, the OARC will be holding the field day activities at the Corkery Community Centre.  VE3YTZ was able to book it for us: Thanks Greg!

BBHN node mount

John Vorobej at "A Complete Fabrication" made us a beautiful custom Stainless Steel mast mount for the 3 BroadBand HamNet "BBHN" nodes to be installed at the Camp Fortune Repeater Site.  The square mounting plates are canted off vertical at about 5.5 degrees to match the taper of the structure it will mate with.  The SS has been bathed in etchant to galvanically neutralize it against corrosion.

June Meeting: Election!

This meeting is your opportunity to find out about the behind the scene administration of your club, voice your aspirations about future direction of the club, and if you are so inclined, to become a member of the executive.
Margaret VA3VXN will deliver the yearly review of the club's financials and we will have various reports on member activities over the previous month.
Additionally we will discuss plans and requirements for 2019 ARRL Field Day which will be on Saturday and Sunday, June 22-23.

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