OARC Operates as VA3RAC during the RAC Winter Contest


We have just had the 12th activation of the Diefenbunker in the RAC Canada Winter Contest. We all had lots of fun on the air, and chatting with visitors who passed by. This year we again operated VA3RAC, the official RAC station for Ontario and we didn't disappoint.

The results presented here are preliminary and subject to the usual checking and verification from the contest organizers. Final results will be posted eventually on the RAC website and in TCA.

The preliminary numbers:

QSOs 1114
Mults 64

Both the QSO count and our final point score are the 2nd best results we've ever had at the bunker so we have every reason to be pleased. We found the 15 and 10 m bands were in the doldrums due to our low point in the sunspot cycle and our multiplier count reflects that. Nevertheless, we scored a record (for us) 177 QSOs on 80 m phone. Our results on the "main" 80/40/20 m bands justify the effort spent redesigning and installing the remote 80/40/20 multiband Inverted Vee.

    As usual, a special thanks goes out to Nick VE3OWV for his assistance and support in many aspects of the preparations, including the antenna adventures and allowing us to scramble the station configuration at setup. Thanks to Mike VE3FFK and Nick VE3OWV for the many hours spent in the wind, and snow installing antennas and with all the gear preparations.  All this background work helps to minimize those nasty last minute "gotchas". Thanks to Glenn VE3XRA and Dave VE3KL for providing gear. Glenn, that IC-7300 is a very nice little rig. Finally, I want to thank Brian VE3UU for his assistance as liaison with museum management and for walking the bands with us on 2, 6, 10, 15, 20 and 40. Multipliers are like gold!

    Next year, with some financial assistance from the OARC, there will be a newly installed tower at VE3CWM with a tribander and a few wire antennas hanging off the side. Stay tuned for the 2020 RAC Winter Contest, scheduled for Dec. 19 2020. This could be very interesting!

    Comments questions and suggestions for the future are most welcome. For what it's worth, my personal comment would be to try to convince RAC to reschedule this event to the middle of January to avoid the holiday season chaos. What are the chances of that happening? :-)

    I hope to see you all in next year's contest.

    73 Dave VE3TLY

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