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Video from QRP demonstration

Chris Mallam, VA3CME sent me this link to the video he did last Saturday. Thank you Chris!

QRP demonstration photos

Photos from todays QRP demonstration held at Britannia park.

QRP demonstration

On Saturday Sept 17 we will operating by 10 am and until noon.Come on out and see Bob, the QRPers and the OARC members show-offtheir stations. perhaps they will hand you the key/mike and let youmake a few QSO as well. If you happen to have a portable station,don't hesitate to bring it along and set up. Set-up will start at 9 am.We will be operating in the gazebo in Britannia park. Come in via Greenview ave.
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There will be an optional meet up before at Kristy's restaurant at 8am.
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OARC Hamfest 2011 photos

Initial photos of the 2011 Hamfest

Please check here on the status of upcoming nets and amateur radio activities --- Veuillez consulter cet espace pour plus d'informations sur les Nets et d'autres activités de radio amateur.