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December Meeting - Holiday Season Festivities

Come on out on December 11th for the Holiday Season Festivities. Here is a chance to meet and chat with your friends and enjoy the holiday music. 

Everyone who attends is eligible for a chance at the door prizes that will be drawn throughout the evening, including gift certificates to a popular commercial vendor.

We are asking everyone to consider bringing a Food item to donate to the Ottawa Food Bank.  Donations should be un-opened, non-perishable, nutritious food items such as canned meats and vegetables, cereal and rice. Please check the Best Before Date to ensure there is at least 6 months remaining.

There will be a donation box at the door of the meeting room when you arrive.

For a complete list of the types of food that OFB clients need most, please go to and scroll down the page.

We’ll be serving coffee, juice and water along with assorted Christmas goodies.

Spouses, sweethearts and other guests are welcome to attend.

The meeting starts at its usual 7:30 pm. We will be in the Colonel By Room. For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at call sign at RAC.

Hope to see you there!

Janice Neelands/VA3PAX

VE2CRA Off air

VE2CRA will be off the air temporarily due to abuse. It will be turned back on in time for the Monday Night net.

OARC Presents Volunteers of the Year Awards

Ed Sich awards Anna Cullinan and Mary Bishop the Volunteers of the Year Awards

Every year the OARC presents the Volunteer of the Year Award to a person who has donated an exceptional amount of time and effort to the benefit of our club.

This year, on behalf of the club, Ed Sich/VE3WGO - OARC Hamfest Manager, was pleased to present the award to two winners: Mary Bishop and Anna Cullinan. For well over a decade, they have volunteered every year at our annual Hamfest. Mary played a key role in ensuring smooth and orderly admissions at the front door, and Anna enthusiastically sold extra chances tickets which increased our revenues. Their efforts year after year have helped ensure the continued success of our Hamfest.

Thank-you Anna and Mary

November Meeting: Two wheeled Mobiles

A presentation on bicycle mobile is the focus of November's meeting. Norm VE3LC, Dave VE3TLY, and Arthur VA3BIT will describe their bicycle mobile setups and experiences. Arthur will also describe his motorcycle mobile setup. (Photo by K9SWX)

2 Wheeled Mobile

Please check here on the status of upcoming nets and amateur radio activities --- Veuillez consulter cet espace pour plus d'informations sur les Nets et d'autres activités de radio amateur.