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BBHN node mount

John Vorobej at "A Complete Fabrication" made us a beautiful custom Stainless Steel mast mount for the 3 BroadBand HamNet "BBHN" nodes to be installed at the Camp Fortune Repeater Site.  The square mounting plates are canted off vertical at about 5.5 degrees to match the taper of the structure it will mate with.  The SS has been bathed in etchant to galvanically neutralize it against corrosion.

John is available for custom fabrication recently including custom industrial kitchens, racing wheelchairs, logging helicopter crown-cutters, bespoke bicycles, towers and antennas.

June Meeting: Election!

This meeting is your opportunity to find out about the behind the scene administration of your club, voice your aspirations about future direction of the club, and if you are so inclined, to become a member of the executive.
Margaret VA3VXN will deliver the yearly review of the club's financials and we will have various reports on member activities over the previous month.
Additionally we will discuss plans and requirements for 2019 ARRL Field Day which will be on Saturday and Sunday, June 22-23.

We are still in final negotiations for our FD site so please stand by, more details will soon follow.

September Meeting: SAR / Emergency Measures

Michael Christensen, VE3QMC will be about EM <Emergency Measures> and SAR <Search And Rescue> from his professional vantage as a Director of Mobile Engineering for Industry Canada and his personal experience as an amateur radio operator.

May Meeting - My Electric Car by VE3LC

Norm VE3LC will be presenting on his experiences with his Hydundai IoniQ, a fully electric car he recently purchased. Norm's substantial expertise in all things electronic will no doubt lead to a fascinating journey into the future of personal transportation. 

Arthur VA3BIT will be presenting an after action report on the CN Cycle for CHEO which happened on Sunday May 5th

There will be a short slide show on the state of the VA3ODG-VE2CRA MMDVM/BBHN working group's activities.   Pictures from Camp Fortune of our existing repeater site, the proposed augementation of the Amateur Radio services that will be made available and the design considerations for upgading a BBHN backhaul link for data and command/control of the repeaters.

OARC has recently received two MMDVM dual-radio HATs for RaspberryPI designed by Florian DF2ET which will be on display during and after the meeting.

These devices have the multimode digital voice modem with a separate 10mW transmitter (10dbm for those who still have a slide rule) and a receiver with as yet uncharacterized sensitivity; as well as being a Tier-2 DMR compatible hotspot, this device is able to be configured to mimic the behaviour of a MMDVM repeater stack, yet the entire mechanism is only the size of a pack of playing cards. 
The working group is using them as a test bed to develop the software configuration for the end-state MMDVM repeater to be installed at Camp Fortune later this year.

Please check here on the status of upcoming nets and amateur radio activities --- Veuillez consulter cet espace pour plus d'informations sur les Nets et d'autres activités de radio amateur.